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About Us

This humble shop started in 2020 as a passion project dedicated to my forever supportive, extremely hardworking, somehow always mind-reading mom.


Going from working part-time 6 days a week to scraping by with 2 or 3 thanks to the pandemic, my mom has found time she has not had for a long time. In her effort to protect our family and to keep her busy, she brought out her trusty sewing machine and mounds of fabric she has fondly picked out over time and started making face masks for the six of us. 


My mom had produced about 30 masks using fabrics of all kinds of colors and patterns by August. When I visited her, she dejectedly complained to me that no one in the house wanted to wear most of them! I thought the patterns she used were very cute and quirky compared to the more commercial designs I’ve seen being sold. She had even started making tote bags that were just as cute. Half-jokingly, I suggested she sell them since the patterns were unique and her handiwork was clean. 


After some time passed and seeing that COVID was not going anywhere anytime soon, my mom had reached out asking if I could help her sell her handmade items online. I studied marketing in school for this moment!! 


So with everything I got, we began this warm, cheerful and loving brand of “from toki’s mom” (now "ofu kuro-san" as of 2022).


Like so many others, her income has taken a huge toll as her hourly shifts have been cut drastically short. She and my dad have worked in the restaurant business for as long as I can remember and it has been a huge influence in my desires to support small businesses. Please take a moment to look at her compassionately crafted work and consider purchasing something whether it’s for yourself or as a gift. I bet you know an auntie who would totally love that kind of tote bag.

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